Chat Now Communicators

Two-way talk and text message without fees or bills and take pictures with the built-in digital camera

Chat Now CommunicatorsChat with your friends or send them text messages up to two miles away with the Chat Now communicator. Talk one-on-one with your best friend or chat with everyone in your chat zone at the same time. You can send and save text messages, even add symbols to personalize them. Take pics of your pals and save them to your communicator. . . there's a digital camera built in. Animate their photos and save them to your personal buddy list. There are no fees, no bills and no minutes to keep track of. Saved buddy photos, ten different ring tones . . . access them with the easy-to-use controls, flip-out keypad and the push-to-talk button. Turn it on, flip it out, and get talking. ChatNow Communicator with flip-out keypad lets you chat or text your friends from up to two miles away. Built-in digital camera. Save pics of your friends to your personal buddy list. This 2-way radio has a range of under two miles under typical conditions.

Walkie-talkie type instant messengers that operate without the Internet and have a two-mile range provide a sense of adventurous freedom and immediate communication that children absolutely love. Whether they're exploring the backyard, the neighborhood, or even just different floors of the house, these devices allow kids to stay in contact and share their discoveries in real-time. Unlike online messaging, the limited range gives a certain immediacy and locality to the interactions, making the experience more tangible and focused. It also adds an element of role-playing and imaginative play, as children can pretend to be spies, adventurers, or emergency responders while using their walkie-talkies. Importantly, the absence of an Internet connection enhances safety and ensures that communication is only between known parties. These features make walkie-talkie type instant messengers a fun and enriching experience for kids.