Secret Saturdays Cryptipedia

Cryptid tracking device and electronic encyclopedia

Secret Saturdays CryptipediaSecret Saturdays adventure animated action series about ta family of cryptozoologists dedicated to protecting the secrets and mysteries of the world. The Cryptipedia is the ultimate accessory for Cryptid hunters to be just like Zak Saturday. Lock in your Cryptid and action figure stands to learn secret facts about characters from the show, or use the Cryptipedia as a tracking device to find nearby Cryptids. Cool sounds and spoken text make this a fun and interactive device for kids. Includes exclusive Komodo figure with collectible stand.

In the animated TV show "The Secret Saturdays," Cryptids are mythical or legendary creatures that are central to the series' plot. The show follows the adventures of Zak Saturday and his family, who are part of a secret organization tasked with studying cryptids and protecting them from various threats. These cryptids range from well-known mythological creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster to more obscure beings from folklore around the world. They are often depicted as misunderstood animals that are more complex than simply being monsters. The Saturdays aim to understand these creatures and protect them from exploitation or harm, particularly from the series' villains who seek to use the cryptids for their own nefarious purposes. The concept of cryptids in the show serves as an entertaining way to introduce viewers to various myths and legends, while also offering exciting adventure and mystery.