Cyber Pocket

CyberPocket with VLink from VTech is on-the-go gaming that now goes online

Cyber PocketThe new VSmile Cyber Pocket turns game time into learning time by combining a video game platform with educational content in a portable educational system. Take the VSmile Cyber Pocket on the go, or connect it directly to the television for gaming at home. Features include a high resolution screen, touchable writing pad, attached writing stylus, microphone and switchable controls. The battery-operated pocket console allows early school-age learners to play a variety of exciting and imaginative games anywhere they want. With popular characters to guide them through age-appropriate skill levels and developmental activities, children will enjoy learning essential lessons in language, math and science. Students can track your gaming progress and see how they rank against other Cyber Pocket players all while unlocking bonus games online to keep them learning on the fast track.

Portable electronic learning systems that plug into a TV offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, often referred to as 'edutainment.' These systems come with interactive software that transforms the television into a larger-than-life educational platform, making learning subjects like math, science, or language more engaging for children. The portability factor ensures that kids can carry their learning environment with them, be it to a friend's house or on a family vacation, thus ensuring uninterrupted learning. The television interface also provides a communal learning experience, allowing parents and siblings to join in and turn education into a family activity. With vibrant graphics, interactive questions, and real-time feedback, such learning systems offer a multi-sensory educational experience that can be far more engaging than traditional textbooks or classroom lectures.