Motion Activated Gear

Interactive MAG Batman TV action game

Motion Activated GearDefend Gotham City against villains before the ultimate showdown. You control Batman's actions with wireless motion-sensitive gauntlets. Punch and Batman punches on the TV screen. Block hits and land kicks. Two-way interaction. Feel and hear instant feedback on the vibrating chest plate. No console or software required. Unit connects directly to your TV with multi-level game play. 3D graphics with 64Mb and 256 colors. Set includes chest plate and game unit with television AV input cable.

Gotham City, often portrayed as a dark, brooding metropolis rife with crime and corruption, serves as the iconic backdrop for many stories within the DC Comics universe, most notably those featuring Batman. An amalgam of various American cities, Gotham embodies the complexities and struggles of urban life, complete with a multifaceted social landscape, towering skyscrapers, and maze-like streets. The city itself becomes a character in many stories, symbolizing the thin line between order and chaos, good and evil. Its grim atmosphere and the ever-looming sense of danger provide the perfect setting for the Dark Knight to battle a host of infamous villains, from the Joker to Two-Face, who exploit the city's vulnerabilities for their own malevolent purposes.