Star Station

Fisher Price entertainment system lets kids sing along with hit songs while seeing themselves on TV

Star StationThe Star Performer lets kids turn any television into an instant hit show by putting the power of performance right into their hands. Using Plug and Play technology the hardware unit plugs right into the TV. Then the power truly is in their hands as kids control the action. It comes complete with a camera to display the kids on the TV screen. The Star Performer Platform's music library lets kids choose from over seventy-five Kidz Bop songs -- popular songs sung by kids for kids. There are four songs built into the hardware unit and there is a library of nine additional ROM packs each containing eight songs. The additional ROMs make it easy for kids to quickly and easily change the music and the theme of their show. A wireless microphone puts no limits on the action and lets kids to choose from and control five different camera lenses. From a button on the mic children can change and rotate the lenses for on-screen effects.

A video and music system that plugs into a television and comes with a microphone can provide endless fun and entertainment for the entire family. Whether it's singing along to popular songs, recording your own performances, or even engaging in a lively karaoke competition, such systems transform the living room into a dynamic entertainment hub. The microphone adds a layer of interactivity that most other home entertainment systems lack, giving kids—and adults—a chance to step into the spotlight and show off their talents. For children, this experience can be particularly enchanting as it gives them an opportunity to emulate their favorite singers or television personalities. The act of performing in a familiar, safe environment also helps to build confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, the system often includes features like scorekeeping for karaoke performances, further fueling the competitive yet friendly atmosphere. It's a complete package for anyone looking to add a touch of interactive fun to their regular TV-watching experience.