Kindergarten Learning Software, Workbooks, Flashcards Set

6 colorful workbooks designed for students in the primary grades

Kindergarten Learning Software, Workbooks, Flashcards Set6 colorful workbooks designed for students in the primary grades. Entertaining CD-ROM teaches reading skills, classification, and opposites. CD-ROM provides reinforcement and rewards students for accomplishments. Flash cards contain 110 sight words for beginning readers. School Zone's Kindergarten Learning Set combines proven content with today's technology to accelerate learning. Give your child the best educational opportunities with School Zone's award-winning software, workbooks, and flash cards. Your kindergartner will have hours of learning fun. This value-packed Kindergarten Learning Set has everything parents need to help their child succeed. Five best-selling full-color, 32-page workbooks reinforce readiness skills, including the alphabet, counting, opposites, classifying, and rhyming words, with colorful illustrations and easy directions.

Flash cards are a fun, convenient way to practice basic facts with your child. Award-winning On-Track Software teaches important early learning skills, plus rewards your child's work with entertaining games, delightful animations, and personalized printouts. These quality School Zone products are sure to provide hours of enrichment for students in the primary grades. The award-winning CD-ROM Reading Readiness incorporates beginning reading skills with entertaining and interactive activities. Entertaining animation and positive reinforcement help children master sight words, alphabetizing, rhyming words, classification skills, and opposites. A box of two-sided flash cards provides 110 basic sight words most frequently used in beginning reader books, and a parent suggestion card provides ideas for activities and games to reinforce learning. Six separate workbooks are also included, covering a range of academic skills. Topics woven into the workbooks include: alphabetical order; beginning and ending sounds; counting; classifying; following directions; identifying shapes; letter-sound correspondence; letter writing; opposites; rhyming words; sequencing; and visual discrimination. With so many choices, parents can help children choose the appropriate workbook to best suit his/her interests and developmental level.