Kitty Magic

She really talks.

Kitty MagicWhen one of her two kittens, Lulu and Mitsy, comes near, Mommy Kitty will recognize which kitten is there and respond with a meow (a different one for each kitten). Put her bowl in front of her and listen as she laps up water. Press the kittens to the plastic hearts on Mommy's side, then listen to them nurse. By using the magic brush or ring, you can groom Mommy's fur and also hear her purr or say I love you. Though the kittens don't talk, they can be dressed up in various hair bows and sunglasses to look just like Mommy Kitty. They also come with their own toys: a rubber mouse and a squeaky ball. Mommy Kitty is about 15 inches long, while each kitten is about 3 inches long. Their soft fur is surface washable, and they require four AA batteries.

A toy kitten that makes purring sounds offers an incredibly endearing experience for children. The faux purring brings the toy to life, making it feel like more than just an inanimate object; it becomes a friend and companion. This simple auditory feature can provide comfort and a sense of security, as the purring mimics the soothing sounds of a real kitten. It engages the child's senses and imagination, encouraging them to nurture and care for their cuddly friend. Whether they're feeding, petting, or simply snuggling with the toy, the purring adds an extra layer of interactivity and realism. For children who may not be able to have real pets due to allergies or living conditions, a purring toy kitten can offer a fulfilling alternative. It also serves as a great tool for parents to teach empathy, responsibility, and the basics of caring for another living being, even if it is just a toy. The auditory element makes playtime more engaging, and can be especially calming during bedtime or moments of distress, making the toy a versatile and cherished addition to a child's collection.