Land Air RC

Land/Air Radio Control

Land Air RCPatrol the land and skies with Land-Air Radio Contol, the incredible, radio-controlled vehicle that includes a real working, motorized flying aircraft that you can lauch and fly whenever you desire. With just a touch of a button on the full functioning handset, maneuver your land cruiser to traverse steady or rough terrain. Push another button and lauch the aircraft high into the air; then control it to soar high in the sky or make sudden dives. Awesome futuristic styling ensures hours of fun on land and in the air.

The allure of a land/air combination R/C vehicle is in its multifaceted capabilities, offering an exhilarating experience that seamlessly transitions from land-based racing to airborne adventure. These hybrid toys captivate the imagination by allowing users to navigate diverse terrains and take to the skies with the flip of a switch, offering a multi-dimensional play experience. With features like gyro-stabilization and durable wheels, they offer an engaging blend of technical mastery and imaginative play that appeals to enthusiasts of all ages.