Land Sea RC

RC for Land and Sea

Land Sea RCIt's an all-terrain land vehicle. It's a sea vessel. All in one. With just a touch of a button, this incredible RC Vehicle transforms to tranverse land or sea in just seconds. With the full-functioning radio controlled handset, control all the action from a distance if up to 75 feet away. Awesome futuristic combat style ensures hours of awesome fum, on and off the water. Available in two different RC frequencies, enabling you to race them against each other for added fun.

The thrill of a land/sea R/C vehicle lies in its versatility, providing endless hours of entertainment across diverse environments. Whether it's zooming across the backyard or gliding through a pond, these vehicles bring the excitement of remote-controlled action to multiple elements. Kids and adults alike revel in the dual functionality, maneuvering agilely on land and effortlessly transitioning into a watercraft. This all-terrain versatility captures the imagination, offering a captivating blend of exploration and engineering that elevates the remote-controlled vehicle experience to new heights.