Hot Wheels Lava Land Slimecano

Playset involves launching diecast cars up a track that drives under lava and jumps over a slime pit

SlimecanoTo launch the new Hot Wheels Slimecano playset, third-grade students from Lavaland Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico got a sneak-peek at the new toy when they were the first kids to test and approve the new Hot Wheels playset. Lavaland third-graders were pleased with Slimecano, the volcanic centerpiece of the Hot Wheels Lava Land Playset Assortment.

First available in 2004, the Hot Wheels Slimecano playset is a daring challenge against an angry volcano that is ready to erupt. Kids launch their cars up a track driving under the volcano's jaw, race them down tandem tracks and jump over the Slime pit. If a car makes the jump, the track guides it to safety. If it misses, it plunges into the pit.

Children are often fascinated by volcanoes because they offer a dramatic and tangible way to visualize Earth's inner workings. The erupting lava, billowing smoke, and seismic activities associated with volcanoes stir the imagination and bring to life concepts like geology and plate tectonics that might otherwise seem abstract. Volcanoes are also prevalent in popular culture and educational settings, often featured in movies, documentaries, and science experiments, which only heightens their allure. The idea of nature possessing such raw, explosive power can be captivating to a young mind that is eager to learn about the world's natural wonders.