Hot Wheels Lava Land Slimecano

Playset involves launching diecast cars up a track that drives under lava and jumps over a slime pit


To launch the new Hot Wheels Slimecano playset, third-grade students from Lavaland Elementary School in Albuquerque, New Mexico got a sneak-peek at the new toy when they were the first kids to test and approve the new Hot Wheels playset. Lavaland third-graders were pleased with Slimecano, the volcanic centerpiece of the Hot Wheels Lava Land Playset Assortment.

Available now, the Hot Wheels Slimecano playset is a daring challenge against an angry volcano that is ready to erupt. Kids launch their cars up a track driving under the volcano's jaw, race them down tandem tracks and jump over the Slime pit. If a car makes the jump, the track guides it to safety. If it misses, it plunges into the pit.

Slimecano costs $49.99.