Lazer Doodle - Laser

It's great to create with color and light with this Etch-a-Sketch like laser doodle toy.

Lazer Doodle - LaserIt's great to create with color and light. You can lazer stamp it, lazer flash it. At the touch of a button, light up the screen. DSI Toys. Create with the speed of light with new Lazer Doodle the coolest drawing toy around. The art toy uses the magic of visual persistence (just like those cool clocks) to create pictures that seem to just hang in space. 3 color LED's, special effects, pre-drawn backgrounds, special stamps that can be dropped into any creation and a save feature so you can come back to a drawing you're working on if you get called away - like to supper. Lazer Doodle, it's a blast.

The Lazer Doodle art toy taps into the fun and magic of creating drawings using LED lights, a form of visual persistence. Children can use a special pen to "draw" glowing lines, shapes, and patterns onto a dark screen, watching as their creations light up before their eyes. The ephemeral and dynamic nature of the art adds a sense of excitement and wonder, almost as if the drawings come alive in the dark. The LED lights also add a sensory element to the creative process, offering a new and fascinating way to engage with art. This mix of technology and creativity is particularly appealing to kids who are growing up in an increasingly digital age.