Laser Tag Team Ops

Lazer Tag heads up display unit provides you with real-time audio visual gameplay feedback

Laser Tag Team OpsLazer Tag combines team competition with hi-tech accuracy. The tagger unit has an LCD display control panel that provides a live-action video readout of seven game stats, and lets you see how you measure up to your opponents. Wireless set-up allows for quick and easy team play. Your tagger unit communicates with your teammates' devices. The heads up display unit provides you with real-time audio visual gameplay feedback, and fits on your head like a pair of sunglasses. Upgrade laser tag system with the Virtual Scope and Thunder Pack accessories. The virtual scope aids aim with a virtual green dot that you can line up with your target. The thunder pack accessory gives three types of vibration that alerts you when you've tagged a target or when someone's tagged you.

Laser tag was invented in the late 1970s, gaining prominence in the 1980s as an exciting and safe recreational activity that simulates military exercises. The concept was inspired by the use of infrared sets in the military for training exercises. The first commercially successful laser tag system, known as Photon, was introduced by George Carter III in 1984. Over the years, laser tag has evolved with advancements in technology, featuring more accurate sensors, more sophisticated weaponry, and even programmable game scenarios. It has become a staple in family entertainment centers, standalone arenas, and even as home sets. With various game formats and styles, laser tag appeals to a wide age range, offering an immersive experience that combines physical activity, strategy, and teamwork.