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Leapfrog Books and ToysThis is the perfect gift set for any new reader. Gift set includes, My First Leapad, Exclusive My First Leapad Backpack, Leapad Big Day book, and I Know My ABC's book. Promote reading readiness with this lightweight and portable educational learning system. Children touch, play and learn with interactive Flip Books that feature a story on one side and activities, games, and music on the other. Touch the special Flip Book or Phonics Bus game board with the magic pen to hear words, music, and sound effects. Toddler can also explore the alphabet and discover letter names and phonics. Play fun learning games

The educational toy market has seen significant growth and success over the years, driven by a growing awareness among parents and educators about the importance of learning through play. These toys, which often blend traditional play with elements designed to foster cognitive, social, and emotional development, have proven to be effective teaching aids. Ranging from STEM kits to language-learning apps, educational toys have diversified to cover a wide array of subjects and skills. The market's success is also fueled by technological advancements that have led to increasingly interactive and engaging products. With numerous awards, positive reviews from educational bodies, and even endorsements from influencers and celebrities, educational toys have gained a solid reputation for both their entertainment value and their educational impact.