Learn to Tell Time Talking Clock

Digital and analog learning

Learn to Tell Time Talking ClockThe Talking Clever Clock teaches students how to tell time, read digital time, say the time, and solve elapsed time problems. Designed for multiple level skills, this clock features all of the necessary tools for mastering time-telling skills. Children can practice hours of hands-on analog, digital and elapsed time drills. A bonus stopwatch feature lets children demonstrate live action activities. The Say it, self-checking answer button lets children hear their solutions out loud. This 10 3/4 clock comes in primary colors and features easy-to-use buttons and large graphics.

A talking clock serves as an engaging and educational tool that can greatly assist a child in learning how to tell time. By audibly announcing the time in a clear and friendly voice, the child can associate the spoken words with the visual representation of the clock's hands. This auditory reinforcement helps bridge the gap between abstract concepts and concrete understanding, allowing the child to grasp the relationship between hours and minutes, as well as the movement of the clock's hands. Additionally, a talking clock often provides interactive features, such as quizzes or games, which encourage active participation and reinforce the learning process. The repetitive nature of hearing the time announced at regular intervals helps solidify the child's comprehension over time, ultimately fostering their ability to read analog clocks and understand the passage of time more effectively.