Learning Cash Register Toy

Built-in solar calculator as keypad

Learning Cash Register ToyWell-designed with lots of terrific detail, Learning Resources' Calculator Cash Register completely satisfies a young child's hunger to play with bills, coins, cash drawers, and big numbers. The chiming cash register features a built-in solar calculator as its keypad, thus allowing kids to act as bankers, shopkeepers, and accountants all at once. A large cash drawer holds life-sized bills in four denominations (1, 5, 10, and 20), and four coin holders make room for embossed plastic pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. There is even a credit card slot that dings when you correctly slide the faux VISA card through it. A suggested-activities booklet is included. Requires a 1.5V button cell battery (included) to make the chiming noise. No assembly required. Winner of awards from Dr. Toy, FamilyFun Magazine, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. Winner of 15 awards for excellence, this working cash register is the perfect addition to any pretend store. Complete with solar powered calculator, 30 life-size play money bills, 40 plastic coins and pretend Citibank credit card.

A learning cash register toy offers a dynamic and practical way for children to develop essential skills in understanding currency and making change. Through interactive play, children engage with the toy's features that mimic real-world transactions, allowing them to practice counting money, identifying various denominations, and calculating change. The toy often includes play money and coins that resemble actual currency, enabling hands-on learning. As children ring up items and process transactions, they reinforce their mathematical abilities and gain a tangible grasp of addition, subtraction, and basic arithmetic. Many learning cash register toys also incorporate digital displays and audio cues to guide children through each step, enhancing their confidence and accuracy. This immersive play experience not only cultivates financial literacy but also encourages important life skills like problem-solving, decision-making, and social interaction as children take on the roles of both cashier and customer.