Lego Alpha Team

Mobile command center includes 420 pieces to form four agents, ice orbs, snow scooters, and ray unit

Lego Alpha TeamArrow and Charge begin to approach the source of the signal they've been tracking. Suddenly, they see that one of Ogel's ice drones is planting an ice orb in the snow. Without being seen, Charge contacts the Mobile Command Center and updates Radia on the situation. Deftly pressing a combination of switches, Radia transforms the command center into Mobile mode and sets the vehicle into motion. When they arrive, Radia lowers the sides of the vehicle and moves the unit into position. Alpha Team's Mobile Command Center is on the move, tracking down Ogel's secret base. Arrow and Charge man the snow scooters and send back reports to the Command Center. Radia deploys the ray unit to melt Ogel's ice orbs. Nothing stops Alpha Team's most powerful machine. Includes four Alpha Team agents, Ogel agent, ice orbs, and snow scooters. 420 Lego pieces.

The concept of command centers and secret bases has long captured the imagination of children, sparking creativity and adventure in their playtime. Building toys like LEGO provide the perfect medium for children to explore these exciting themes. Here's how:

The idea of command centers and secret bases resonates with children's innate curiosity, creativity, and desire for adventure. Building toys like LEGO enable children to bring these concepts to life, offering a rich and multifaceted play experience that nurtures cognitive, social, and emotional development. Whether leading a team of superheroes or exploring the far reaches of space, children can immerse themselves in a world of imagination and discovery, all while developing valuable life skills.