Lego Life on Mars Toys

Lego Life on Mars Kits.

Lego Life on Mars ToysThis set requires 9719 or 9747 Robotics Invention System. Users age 12 and up can simulate exciting Mars missions with this new expansion set for the Robotics Invention System. Build all-terrain Mars rovers, robotic retrieval arms, and advanced landers that serve as the platform for your scientific exploration. Comes with CD-ROM software with interactive missions, enhanced 3-D graphics, on-screen control panel for navigating rovers and a wealth of facts on the red planet. Software gives you remote control funsction of your robots via your IR Transmitter. 2 additional building challenges can be used with a PC video camera, not included. your video images will appear in Mission Control on your PC moniter. Set includes CD ROM software, Constructopedia with building instructions, 156 Lego pieces.

The idea of travel to Mars, a concept that has long fascinated humanity, has particularly captured the imagination of children, inspiring a world of play and creativity. The mysterious red planet, with its unexplored terrain and potential for extraterrestrial life, offers a canvas for endless possibilities and adventures. This allure has been fueled by science fiction literature, movies, and the real scientific advancements in space exploration.

In their playtime, children often emulate astronauts, building rockets, donning space helmets, and embarking on imaginary missions to Mars. They create Martian landscapes, complete with alien creatures, futuristic vehicles, and high-tech bases. The concept of colonization, terraforming, and interplanetary travel allows them to engage in complex and imaginative scenarios, where they can be explorers, scientists, and pioneers.

Space-themed toys, games, and educational kits further enhance this fascination, providing tools and resources for hands-on exploration and learning. The idea of travel to Mars not only fuels creativity and problem-solving skills but also encourages curiosity about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It instills a sense of wonder and ambition, inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts, dreamers, and potential future astronauts. The dream of reaching Mars continues to be a powerful motivator, turning playtime into a journey of discovery, innovation, and boundless imagination.