Lego Universe

Online video game that combined building and battle

Lego UniverseLego is a universe unto itself so it makes sense to name a game (really a collection of virtual sets) after the universe. Intended to reach to the stars and beyond, the Lego Universe system brings the created mythology of Lego sets to a new level, one in which good and evil is opposed in a battle. Includes first month free. Subscription required for new content and continued game play. Internet connection required.

The idea of space travel and exploring the galaxy and the universe has long captured the hearts and minds of children. This fascination with the cosmos transcends cultures and generations, sparking curiosity, creativity, and a sense of wonder. Here's how this grand concept has fueled the imagination of children:

Endless Possibilities: Space represents the ultimate frontier, filled with infinite possibilities and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. The vastness of the universe invites children to dream big, imagine distant worlds, and envision themselves as explorers and pioneers, reaching for the stars.

Connection to Science and Technology: The idea of space travel introduces children to various scientific disciplines, such as astronomy, physics, engineering, and robotics. They learn about rockets, satellites, space stations, and cutting-edge technologies that make space exploration possible. This connection fosters a love for science and encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Inspiration for Play and Creativity: Space-themed toys, games, and media provide rich and engaging play experiences. From building spacecraft with construction sets to role-playing as astronauts, children immerse themselves in imaginative scenarios that transport them to other planets and galaxies. This creative play enhances their spatial awareness, storytelling abilities, and artistic expression.

Heroes and Role Models: Astronauts, scientists, and space explorers become heroes and role models for children, embodying qualities such as courage, perseverance, intelligence, and collaboration. These figures inspire children to pursue their dreams, set goals, and work hard to achieve them, whether in space-related careers or other fields.

Understanding Our Place in the Universe: Exploring space also leads to philosophical and existential reflections, even in young minds. Children begin to grasp the concept of Earth as a small part of a vast cosmos, fostering a sense of humility, wonder, and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life.

Encouraging Global Collaboration: Space exploration often involves international cooperation and teamwork. Children learn about the importance of working together, transcending national boundaries, and embracing diversity to achieve common goals. This understanding promotes empathy, tolerance, and a global perspective.

The idea of space travel and exploring the galaxy and the universe resonates deeply with children, igniting their imagination, curiosity, and ambition. It opens doors to learning, creativity, personal growth, and a broader understanding of the world and beyond. The allure of space continues to inspire dreams and shape the future, making it a timeless and universal theme that transcends age and culture.