Lights Alive

Tomy art activity center with magic drawing board, storage, and markers lets you create erasable designs with color and light

Lights AliveA breakthrough in drawing toys, this is the first activity center that lets you create your very own signs and art that burst with color and light at the press of a button. Simply draw on the board with the special color markers provided, press the button, and neon-like images jump off the pad. Then you can make then flash, animate, strobe, move from left to right and right to left, bounce in to the center, and out again. When finished, easily erase your creation, and start again. Includes magic drawing board with storage center, three color markers, dry eraser, two towel erasers, and two multi-shaped drawing stencils.

An art set that allows you to create moving electronic signs combines the joys of artistic expression with the thrills of technology, offering an appealing package for budding artists and tech enthusiasts alike. The ability to see your artwork come to life in the form of a dynamic, electronic display is incredibly satisfying, bringing an added layer of excitement to the traditional art-making process. This interactive aspect can also serve as a powerful motivator for children to engage more deeply with both art and technology. Additionally, these kinds of sets often include various colors, patterns, and perhaps even programmable elements, providing endless possibilities for customization and experimentation. As the sign moves or changes, it offers a captivating visual experience, capturing attention in a way that static artwork might not. Such an art set can be especially rewarding in group settings, where creations can be easily showcased and admired, fostering a sense of accomplishment and shared enjoyment. Overall, the appeal lies in its ability to merge creativity with interactivity, making the artistic process more engaging and rewarding.