Lights Out 2000 Game

The frenzy's on

Lights Out 2000 GameHere's a new twist on the classic game Lights Out. This brain-teaser includes a new 2-player battle mode, multi-colored lights, and digitized sound effects. If you liked the original Lights Out, you'll love Lights Out 2000. Ages 8 and up.

Lights Out is a captivating brain teaser game that challenges players' problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. The game revolves around a grid of lights, with the objective of turning off all the lights to solve the puzzle. The catch is that each time a player toggles a light, it affects the adjacent lights, either turning them on or off. The intricate interplay of these lights creates a puzzle that requires careful analysis and a keen understanding of patterns. Players must experiment with different combinations of light toggles to find the correct sequence that extinguishes all the lights. Lights Out not only exercises logical reasoning but also encourages patience and persistence as players work to unravel the puzzle's complexity. Its simple yet deceptively challenging mechanics make it a timeless and addictive brain-teasing experience enjoyed by puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.