Lite Brite Easel

Classic drawing activities with markers combined with light board, bulbs, and colorful pegs

Lite Brite EaselThis improved version of a classic toy provides bold new ways to draw, create, and display. The toy features a flippable screen that allows for giant peg creations that come to life with six modes of animation. Classic drawing activities with markers. Traditional easel clip allows use of paper and other art supplies. Includes six markers, 400 pegs, ten refill sheets and four light bulbs.

Lite-Brite is a classic toy that was first introduced in 1967 by Hasbro. The toy consists of a light box with small, colored plastic pegs that fit into a panel, allowing users to create illuminated designs. By placing these pegs into a grid, children can form patterns or images which become luminescent when the light box is activated. Originally, Lite-Brite came with templates featuring various designs to help guide the creative process, but the possibilities for freeform art were endless. The toy was an instant success because it combined the joys of drawing and painting with the unique element of light, captivating children and adults alike. Over the years, Lite-Brite has been updated with new features, templates, and even electronic versions, but the basic premise of creating art with light has remained the same. The toy has not only served as a creative outlet but also aids in the development of fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Its iconic status was solidified when it was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.