Little Mommy Doll

Be a mommy to this doll

Little Mommy DollBe a mommy to this soft adorable doll. Teach her to play with her keys, feed her a bottle, and read her a book.

Playing parent with dolls is a universal form of imaginative play that engages children in role-playing activities closely tied to their own experiences and observations. This playtime activity allows kids to step into the shoes of caregivers, practicing routines like feeding, dressing, and putting the 'baby' to sleep. By emulating these responsibilities, children deepen their understanding of empathy, compassion, and the basics of caregiving. The play often mirrors the child's own routine, helping them understand and make sense of their daily life. It also offers a venue for children to express their emotions and ideas, fostering both cognitive and emotional development. Overall, playing parent with dolls is a multi-layered, enriching experience that benefits children in numerous ways, from socialization and language skills to emotional intelligence.