Little People Spin and Crash Raceway

Kids control the outcome with the press of a button

Little People Spin and Crash RacewayChildren use their imaginations to bring the action-packed world of racing to life with this playset from Fisher-Price. With the press of a button, they control spills around the figure-eight track. Cool racing sounds as well as what happens when things go wrong. Two toy racing vehicles and drivers are included. A racing gate is anchored with cones and four flags (two for each team) are stationed around the track.

Little People, a beloved toy line by Fisher-Price, has captured the hearts of generations with its charming and timeless appeal. These iconic figures are designed to be chunky and easy for little hands to grasp, making them ideal for toddlers' play. The figures represent various characters, animals, and vehicles that children can interact with, sparking imaginative storytelling and role-playing adventures. Little People sets often include themed playsets such as farms, airports, and schools, creating immersive environments that encourage creative exploration.