Love Cubs

Baby panda, polar, and brown bears from Fur Real Friends drink from bottles with realistic interactive sounds and actions

Love CubsThis lovable, huggable bear cub belongs right in your arms. Watch her facial expressions and listen to her make adorable baby bear cub sounds. Your little cub makes a variety of realistic electronic sounds. As you play with her, she really yawns, sniffs, snores, snorts, coos, burps, hiccups and sighs. This cuddly friend really wants to be loved by you. When you hear her sniffing around for food, place the bottle in her mouth and you will hear her slurping up her dinner. Press her foot and she will give you a hug. Pet her to comfort her until she falls asleep. Play a cute and friendly game of peek-a-boo with her and don't forget to tickle her until she giggles.

Children are naturally drawn to bear cubs for their adorable appearance, playful antics, and the undeniable cuteness that resonates with their own sense of wonder and innocence. The small size and fluffy fur of bear cubs make them relatable and endearing to young minds. Whether it's through a storybook, a nature documentary, or a plush toy, the likeness of a bear cub often becomes a symbol of curiosity and adventure. Many children also see a bit of themselves in the playful and inquisitive nature of bear cubs, making it easy for them to imagine fantastical adventures in forests and mountains. Additionally, the parent-child bond observed in bear families resonates with young children, reinforcing themes of love, protection, and family unity. This captivating allure makes bear cubs a universally beloved icon for children everywhere.