Play TV Football

Madden interactive sports game with two-player step pad and wireless motion football plugs directly into your television

Play TV FootballPlay TV EA Madden Football is the first interactive football game. The two player step pad and wireless motion sensitive football plug directly into your TV. Features the running commentary of John Madden, just like Monday Night Football. Game features seven on seven action including running plays, fumbles, and interceptions.

The Madden Football video games are a prime example of a cultural phenomenon that has transcended the world of gaming to become a staple in sports entertainment. Launched in the late '80s, this franchise has successfully blended intricate gameplay mechanics with cutting-edge graphics and authentic NFL experiences to capture the imagination of football fans everywhere. Its wild success can be attributed to its ongoing commitment to realism, from life-like player avatars and meticulous playbooks to immersive stadium atmospheres and expert commentary. Every new edition eagerly awaited by fans introduces updated rosters, improved controls, and often groundbreaking features that push the envelope of what's possible in sports simulation games. The Madden series has also played a pivotal role in eSports, adding a competitive edge and social community to the mix. Its wide-ranging impact is not just commercial but also cultural, influencing how fans engage with football, transforming casual gamers into enthusiasts, and even shaping discussions around the actual sport itself.