Magnet Learning Clock

Magnetic time learning resource

Magnet Learning ClockHelp young children understand time using familiar activities from a typical day. Colorful laminated magnetic board is 12 inches wide and 16 1/2 inches high and features a full-size clock face with moveable clock hands, write-on/wipe-off fields, and activity icons. Activity icons can be placed along the clock dial and time line to show the seuqence of events in a child's day. Great for home or school acitivity center use.

Learning clocks serve as an invaluable educational tool, helping children grasp the essential life skill of telling time in an engaging and interactive manner. Far more than just a toy, a learning clock offers a hands-on experience that allows kids to manipulate the clock hands, understand the divisions of an hour, and become familiar with terms like 'o'clock,' 'quarter past,' and 'half past.' This tactile interaction is much more effective than merely observing a regular clock, as it appeals to a child’s kinesthetic learning style. Many modern learning clocks also come with colorful visuals, interactive quizzes, or accompanying apps that make the learning process even more dynamic and personalized. Understanding how to tell time has wider cognitive benefits too; it's an introduction to basic math concepts like fractions and counting by fives, and it helps children develop their spatial reasoning skills. Additionally, it's a gateway to learning about broader time concepts like days, months, and seasons. Mastering time-telling early on can boost a child's confidence and independence, empowering them to take charge of their own schedules and activities. Therefore, learning clocks not only make telling time fun but also lay the foundation for a variety of critical thinking and practical skills.