Magnet Set Science Toy

Magnetic construction set.

Magnet Set Science ToyGeomag makes your ideas click. Create unlimited shapes by connecting the Geomag spheres and rods in virtually any combination. The Geomag magnets are so strong that each structure is solid, yet the sphere and rods can be pulled apart without effort. Create: Buildings and structures, mathematical shapes, physics models, chemistry models, geometric shapes, jewelry you can wear, refrigerator art you can change everyday, and spinning tops! Theres no limit to your creativity! These powerful magnetic construction sets provide hours of building fun.

Geomag Magnet Kit: A Gateway to Geometric Creativity

The Geomag magnet kit is a versatile and engaging toy that allows children to explore geometric shapes and models through magnetic spheres and connecting rods. Here's how this innovative kit fosters creativity and learning:

The Geomag magnet kit is more than just a toy; it's an educational tool that fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and a love for geometry and science. By allowing children to experiment with geometric shapes and models, it opens doors to a world of discovery and innovation.