Magnetic Blocks

Puzzle construction toy based on mathematics and scientific principles of organization

Magnetic BlocksIn 2004, Geometix signed an exclusive distribution deal with Geospace for the MagneBlocks line of toys. Warren Scott Fentress, founder of Geometix International and inventor of Magne Blocks, commented: "MagneBlocks are the next generation of magnetic construction toys. It's a more versatile system than the popular 'stick and ball' magnet sets, and the systems work together. There's also a puzzle component, something the stick and ball sets don't have. The toy is based on sacred geometry and Synergetics, which is the mathematics of how nature organizes itself." Fentress added: "MagneBlocks are a great cross-generational toy that subconsciously teaches mathematical and physical principles in a fun, engaging and fascinating way. Imagine Lego meets Rubik's Cube and you've got a great alternative to video games."

Dennis Binkley, President of Geospace International noted: "MagneBlocks are a natural extension of what we do and we are very excited to carry this breakthrough toy. MagneBlocks blends well within our portfolio of educational toy products." Geospace, a distributor and developer of breakthrough toys for the past decade, is launching Magniblocks with a series of packaged collection styles plus two large sets with carrying cases.

Magnetic building blocks captivate children's imaginations with their versatility, ease of use, and the sheer magic of magnetism. Unlike traditional building blocks, these magnetic pieces effortlessly snap together and apart, providing a satisfying tactile experience that kids find irresistibly fun. The magnetic force adds a layer of intrigue and discovery, allowing young builders to explore geometric shapes, structural balance, and spatial orientation in a way that feels like play, but is inherently educational. The blocks come in a variety of shapes and colors, encouraging children to experiment with both aesthetics and engineering principles. The freedom to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble structures with ease makes for a continuously engaging experience that adapts to a child's growing skills and changing interests. This also encourages iterative learning; if a structure collapses or doesn't come out as planned, it's easy to tweak and try again. These magnetic building blocks also lend themselves well to social play, as children can work together to create more complex structures, thereby learning valuable teamwork skills. Whether they are building towering castles, intricate vehicles, or geometric wonders, magnetic building blocks offer a delightful blend of creativity, educational enrichment, and endless playtime appeal.