Mario Cart Double Dash

Classic Nintendo racing game

Mario Cart Double DashCart racing game for 1-8 players featuring classic Nintendo characters. Pick a partner and race through wild courses as you compete in tough circuits. Choose from a huge cast: Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario, and many more. Link the game with eight other players using a broadband adapter and race each other. Bonus disc includes 6 playable demos and seven mini-movies. You can use L or R button to grab the other person's item if you are right next to them. If you want to speed up, take a turn, you see sparks coming from your wheels. The blue fire is the fastest.

The history of Mario Kart traces its origins back to 1992 with the release of 'Super Mario Kart' for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Developed by Nintendo, this revolutionary game combined the beloved characters from the Mario universe with go-kart racing, creating a new sub-genre in the process. Instantly iconic, the game introduced features that would become series staples, like item boxes containing power-ups and weapons, as well as distinctive tracks with their own set of challenges and shortcuts. The success of the original paved the way for a franchise that has spanned multiple generations of gaming consoles, from handheld devices like the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS to home consoles like the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch. Over the years, the series has introduced various innovations, including new gameplay mechanics, 3D graphics, online multiplayer modes, and an ever-expanding roster of characters and tracks. Some editions, like 'Mario Kart: Double Dash!!' for the GameCube, experimented with dual-rider karts, while 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' brought anti-gravity racing into the mix. The franchise has not only received critical acclaim but has also achieved massive commercial success, selling over 150 million copies worldwide by 2021. Its cultural impact is immeasurable, influencing both the video game industry and popular culture at large. Whether being enjoyed as a single-player experience or as a frenzied multiplayer battle, Mario Kart's blend of fun, strategy, and a touch of luck continues to captivate fans, making it one of the most enduring and beloved video game franchises of all time.