Matchbox Hero City Ice Mountain Playset

Hero City Ice Mountain

Matchbox Hero City Ice Mountain PlaysetKids get to be the hero and rescue matchbox cars in a winter-land setting. Cars enter the motorized lift at the group level and go to the top of the hill. Cars roll down toward the spinning ice turntable. It's slippery and the ice could break. Send out the rescue vehicles. Watch out for the avalanche.

Matchbox cars, miniature die-cast vehicles that have fascinated children and collectors alike since the 1950s, were originally the brainchild of British manufacturing company Lesney Products. The name "Matchbox" was inspired by the toy's packaging, which closely resembled a matchbox to make it easier for children to take their little cars anywhere. Introduced in 1953, the first model was a replica of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Coach, but it was the scaled-down version of a green and red road roller that really kick-started the brand's popularity. Over the years, the Matchbox series expanded to include a wide array of vehicles, from everyday cars and trucks to specialized machinery and fantastical designs.