Matchbox Super Blast Firetruck

Releases real water balls and comes with a video of firetrucks in action

Matchbox Super Blast FiretruckIt's Huge. The Super-Blast Fire Truck is the Ultimate Fire Truck with lights, sounds and a water Cannon that shoots real water balls to save the day. As an added bonus, the bottom of the package becomes a target. Almost 2 feet in length, this Super Blast Firetruck has working lights and sirens and shoots soft water balls high into the air (or at the cardboard targets you'll find on the bottom of the packaging). Made of heavy-duty red-and-gray plastic, this six-wheeler looks and feels quite impressive. Using one lever, the water cannon can be aimed at the back of the truck, and the balls are released with another lever. The lights and different sounds are pretty realistic and as fire trucks go, it's topnotch. It also comes with a 20-minute video of real firetrucks in action.

A toy firetruck that shoots actual water adds a layer of interactive excitement to imaginative play, allowing children to step into the role of a real-life hero. The thrill of pressing a button or pumping a lever to "extinguish fires" captivates young minds, offering tactile and sensory engagement while teaching them about cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork. Whether rescuing stuffed animals from make-believe blazes or enjoying a friendly water fight, the water-shooting feature turns a simple toy into an adventure-packed experience that combines fun, education, and endless role-playing possibilities.