Me and My Dog Shadow

A nice cuddly pup who obeys your command.

Me and My Dog ShadowIt's great to have a nice cuddly pup who obeys your every command, but have you ever tried training a real dog? An easier solution is this golden-coated Shadow. Underneath that soft exterior, he's all mechanical, and he has a remote-control, voice-recognition system. Attach the belt-clip remote unit, plug in the headset, and take your new pal for a walk. Once you've named your pooch, the system will accept only your voice for Sit, Come, Speak, Drop it, and six other commands. Shadow measures 17 inches long by 11 inches high and comes with a plastic bone (he loves to play tug-of-war with it). He's also available in Chocolate and Black, and the headsets and remote units match each dog's color. He's cuddly. He's playful. And he's absolutely loyal. Shadow is the incredible new voice-recognition puppy from MGA, who recognizes his name and responds to 10 verbal commands. Shadow arrives in his own doghouse-shaped box and comes complete with a headset and bone that transmit your voice from up to 10 feet away. He's a bundle of energy, just waiting for your invitation to play and he'll respond to only your voice!

A robotic dog equipped with voice recognition and the ability to follow voice commands offers an extraordinary blend of companionship and technology, captivating both young and old alike. Unlike traditional toys, this high-tech pooch responds to verbal cues, adding a layer of interactivity that deepens the emotional bond between the toy and its owner. The thrill of giving a command and watching the robotic dog react—whether it's to sit, bark, or fetch—gives a sense of agency and fulfillment that goes beyond simple play. It's a responsive companion that encourages communication, problem-solving, and responsible pet ownership, minus the chores and allergens associated with a real dog. This sophisticated blend of technology and emotional interaction taps into our innate love for pets, while also offering a glimpse into the future of interactive play.