Melt-O-Matic - meltomatic - Nickelodeon Toy

Plastic molding machine

Melt-O-Matic - meltomatic - Nickelodeon ToyMake your own plastic Nicktoon characters with this delightful Nickelodeon Melt-O-Matic. Just pick a stick, press it in, pop it out of the mold and play. Requires four D batteries. For ages 8 and up. Kit includes: Plastic molding machine 40 plastic melting pla-stix Three character molds, one skateboard mold, trimming tool and cut-out skate ramp Safety-touch melting tip.

The Melt-O-Matic art kit brings a unique and interactive twist to the world of arts and crafts, offering an avenue for both creativity and skill development. The kit features plastic melting sticks in a variety of colors and character molds that let kids create their own figurines or decorations by melting and molding plastic. It's a captivating hands-on experience that combines the joys of coloring and sculpture, as kids get to choose color combinations and see their creations take shape in the molds. As they navigate through the melting and molding process, children also develop valuable skills such as fine motor coordination, patience, and an understanding of basic science principles like melting points and material states. Safety features ensure that the melting process is both easy and secure, making it suitable for a wide age range. The end result is not just a vibrant, personalized creation, but also a sense of accomplishment and a deeper appreciation for the process of making art.