Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney's The Spirit of MickeyWalt Disney's The Spirit of Mickey - A solid collection of vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons, presented virtually complete, for once, and not just as a cut-and-paste clips assortment.

The Art of Walt Disney : From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms - The Art of Walt Disney is an enduring classic-a book that has sold nearly 600,000 copies in two lavish hardcover editions. Now, for the first time, Abrams is proud to announce an affordable condensed paperback version of this remarkable book. Drawing on unfettered access to Disney artists and archives, Christopher Finch chronicles every facet of Disney art-animation, live-action, and theme parks-from Mickey's 1928 debut in Steamboat Willie to the forthcoming Fantasia 2000. All the major milestones receive full coverage, including recent projects-Toy Story, the Broadway Lion King, Mulan, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, among others-that don't appear in the 1995 hardcover edition. With 250 striking illustrations and a wonderfully inexpensive price, this will be an irresistible gift for Disney fans everywhere.

Learn to Draw Disney's Mickey Mouse - by Walter Foster.

The Mickey Mouse Watch : From the Beginning of Time - From the original Mickey Mouse watch of 1933 to the myriad of choices available today, here are fun facts and celebrity anecdotes for thousands of collectible watches featuring the world's most famous rodent. 100 color photos.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from the Mouse by Michael Mullin - This delightful gift book is a collection of wisdom, insights and inspirational thoughts inspired by the life of America's most beloved icon, Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse : The Evolution, the Legend, the Phenomenon

Mickey Mouse by Pierre Lambert

The Art of Walt Disney : From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms