Dance Star Mickey

Interactive Mickey Mouse walks, talks, dances, and sings

Dance Star MickeyMickey Mouse is an adorable part of American culture and has been for many years. In comics, on the screen, as a plushie, and as a toy, Mickey Mouse is recognizable and beloved. Then there are action toys: toys that do things like make music, dance around, and sing. Mickey has all that and more. Dance Star Mickey interacts with children to be their companion and friend in singing and joke telling. He is a funny character with all of the things that he can say - a master of different moves for different grooves.

As the official mascot of Disney, Mickey Mouse's influence extends far beyond entertainment. He has graced a wide range of merchandise, from toys and clothing to household items, making him a cherished presence in households around the world. Mickey's adventures in cartoons, comics, and theme parks have not only entertained but also taught valuable life lessons about friendship, perseverance, and empathy. Through his longevity and timeless appeal, Mickey Mouse continues to capture hearts, inspiring creativity and spreading happiness across generations.