Micro Blast Racers

Radio Controlled Micro Blast Car

Micro Blast RacersThey may be small, but they've got big power. These full-functional, radio-controlled racers are everything you'd expect in an RC vehicle ten times the size, only you can race these little cars anywhere, anytime. Whether it's on tabletops, carpets, driveways or wherever, control where they go by full-functional, six-way operational, radio control. Available in two radio frequencies and six racing car styles for true competitive racing action, these racers are sure to take off. Includes 1 Micro-Blast SUV or car, full-functional, radio-controlled handset, charging unit.

Tiny R/C (Remote-Controlled) race cars offer a pocket-sized adrenaline rush that makes them irresistibly fun for enthusiasts of all ages. Despite their small stature, these miniature machines pack a surprising amount of speed and maneuverability, allowing for thrilling races on a variety of surfaces. The convenience of their size means you can easily set up makeshift tracks on a tabletop, in a hallway, or even in an office cubicle, turning everyday environments into exciting racetracks. The challenge of mastering the remote control adds an element of skill and competition, as players navigate turns, avoid obstacles, and outpace opponents. Often equipped with customizable features like interchangeable tires or even tiny spoilers, these R/C cars also offer a layer of personalization. The social aspect—racing against friends or family—creates a communal experience that enhances the enjoyment. Whether it's a casual race or a high-stakes tournament, tiny R/C race cars encapsulate the thrill of motorsports in a compact, accessible format, making every race a fun and engaging experience.