Series of computer animated home video DVDs to be based on the characters from the popular Latino urban toy line

MijosIn 2004, First Family Entertainment and Homie Shop produced a series of computer animated DVDs based on Homie Shop's popular Mijos urban toy line. MGM Home Entertainment released the DVDs.

Since their introduction in 2000, over 10 million Mijos have been sold, first as figurines through vending machines and neighborhood bodegas in Hispanic markets throughout the US and now as toys through major retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target.

The Mijos' popularity already has expanded beyond the world of toys. Gonzales, the Bay Area artist and toy designer who created the characters, has written four Mijos books for children's publisher Scholastic.

Craig Bartlett and Joseph Purdy, whose combined credits include such hit animated series as Hey Arnold, Arthur, and Rugrats, will write the screenplay. Production on the first DVD is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2005.

"For years people have asked me when they would be able to see Baby Boy, Spooky, Lil Dre, and the rest of the Mijos characters do their thing," said Gonzales. "Thanks to First Family and the proven talent they bring to the table, my characters will finally be able to walk, talk, and act as cool as they look."

The DVD's are expected to appeal to the Mijos' core fan base of Latinos, with nearly $171 billion in buying power in California alone, as well as a broader crossover audience.

"We believe there is an untapped market for family entertainment which speaks directly to the Hispanic community and we are excited to bring this popular brand to life," said Valentine.