Musical Hands Mat

The Musical Hands Mat helps develop coordination and teaches cause-effect principles.

Musical Hands MatToddlers love to hear their favorite nursery rhyme songs, and of course they love anything with sound effects and flashing lights. This electronic musical toy is 45 inches long and 11 inches wide, with a large, one-octave keyboard sporting a plastic handprint on each key and a red button above that flashes when the key is played. The keyboard can be played in five different tones: piano, bells, doggie barks, kitty meows, or birdie tweets, and in several modes: complete songs, free-play mode, or preprogrammed mode. The preprogrammed mode is an interesting feature that will help preschoolers (or their parents) learn to play the eight familiar songs. The tiny red light flashes, you play that handprint, and follow along until--hey, you're making music! The musical mat has a wipe-clean plastic surface, and it requires two AA batteries (not included). --Marcie Bovetz, mother and former children's librarian. This portable mat is also a piano! This mat features eight brightly-colored, tactile stimulating handprints that act as piano keys. Press each handprint and a different note is sounded either in piano, bell, dog, chick, or cat sounds. Press the demo button to hear a complete tune or the light button to play songs by following the flashing lights above the keys. Little ones are sure to have fun while they refine their musical ear and motor skills.

A pressure-sensitive mat that plays different sounds and music provides an immersive and interactive play experience that captivates children's imagination and senses. As children step, jump, or dance on the various zones of the mat, they are rewarded with a variety of auditory responses, ranging from musical notes to animal sounds. This instant feedback encourages them to explore further and experiment with movement and pressure, making each interaction both a game and a learning experience. The mat not only stimulates their auditory senses but also enhances their motor skills and coordination, as they learn to associate specific movements with certain sounds. Many of these mats come with a selection of pre-set tunes or learning games, offering educational benefits like teaching numbers, letters, or musical scales. The inclusion of colorful graphics or LED lights in some designs adds another layer of sensory stimulation, making it visually appealing. Because the mat is pressure-sensitive, even the youngest children can engage by simply crawling or sitting, making it accessible to various age groups. This type of play mat turns physical activity into a multi-sensory exploration, combining fun and education in a delightful, engaging way.