Mutator RC

Fastest Transforming RC Ever

Mutator RCMutates on the fly. Press the button on the transmitter to transform. Slam it down for low-ground-clearance racing on pavement. Jack it up for high-ground-clearance off-roading. Front up for air-grabbing jumps, Back up for wheelies and spins. 90-day factory limited warranty and toll-free support. Requires 9.6V battery pack and charger and one 9V alkaline battery

An R/C vehicle that can adjust its wheel clearance to adapt to different terrains takes remote-controlled fun to an entirely new level. This feature allows young enthusiasts to explore various landscapes, from rocky outcrops to sandy dunes, without worrying about the limitations of their vehicle. With the press of a button, kids can alter the vehicle's height, making it agile on flat surfaces for speed and elevating it for rough terrains to ensure better traction and stability. This dynamic adaptability amplifies the excitement, as it mimics the complexities and capabilities of real-world vehicles. It also introduces children to basic engineering concepts, as they begin to understand how ground clearance affects performance. The multifunctionality of the vehicle encourages problem-solving, as children must evaluate the terrain and adjust the clearance accordingly for optimal performance. It also adds a layer of strategy to playtime, making it more interactive and engaging. Whether it's racing on a smooth track or conquering rugged landscapes, an R/C vehicle with adjustable wheel clearance provides a versatile and exhilarating play experience that captivates the imagination and curiosity of young adventurers.