N-Strike Firefly

Rev-8 blaster sends nerf darts thirty feet in the dark

N-Strike FireflyGo nerf at night. Take your battle into the darkness with the N-Strike Rev-8. Now you can take aim at your opponent anytime, anywhere, even at night. Launch nerf darts from up to thirty feet away. The rotating barrel holds up to eight darts. Just pull back to power up, squeeze the trigger, and fire. Blast away and watch the barrel burst with light as you send darts flying through the night. The N-Strike Firefly's barrel lights up when you pull the trigger and sends glowing nerf darts up to thirty feet away. Blaster comes with eight nerf darts, label sheet, and instructions.

The Nerf dart toy, an invention by Parker Brothers introduced in the 1960s, has remained a timeless source of fun and excitement for generations of kids and even adults. With its foam darts designed for safe play, the Nerf toy allows for friendly battles and imaginative scenarios without the risk of harm. Whether engaging in epic foam dart duels with friends or setting up creative target challenges, the Nerf dart toy fosters active play, coordination, and strategic thinking. Its versatility, from blasters that resemble futuristic weapons to playful designs inspired by pop culture, allows each player to find a Nerf blaster that resonates with their style, ensuring endless hours of engaging entertainment.