Nano Mega Blocks

Interconnected building system with numerous construction projects and built-in electronic sounds for realistic play

Nano Mega BlocksHigh detail vehicles made from blocks. This assortment adds larger, deluxe vehicles to the mix with locations and play scenarios that enhance the Nanoverse adventure possibilities. The miniature scaled Rescue Cutter, Military Chopper and Construction Hauler all have the same awesome high definition construction and detail as the basic vehicles but each set blares an electronic sound for built-in, realistic play action. Each vehicle comes with an 8-inch, interactive multi-use case that can store and display your vehicle, connect to all Nano sets to build a road or city system and has a built-in Nanoruler for measuring projects and Nanofier magnifying lens for close-up work. Materials transporter and construction teams always rely on the Construction Hauler to bring in the goods for building up Nanotropolis. It is as reliable as it is tough - with a strong chassis and positionable dump bin.

Construction toys such as building blocks, LEGO sets, and other modular systems captivate children's imaginations and offer endless possibilities for creative expression. The act of assembling individual pieces into complex structures is intrinsically rewarding and serves as a hands-on lesson in spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and engineering principles. These toys foster a sense of achievement as children see their imagined concepts materialize into tangible forms, be it a towering skyscraper, a bustling cityscape, or a fantastical spacecraft. The open-ended nature of construction toys means that each play session can yield something entirely new, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. Moreover, construction toys are often enjoyed communally, encouraging social skills like teamwork, communication, and sharing, as kids collaborate on building projects or admire each other's creations. The blend of educational and recreational benefits makes construction toys a timeless favorite for both young minds and adults who are young at heart.