Vulcan Nerf Blaster

Belt-fed rapid fire action with N-Strike EBF-25

Vulcan Nerf BlasterComplete your N-Strike nerf collection and prepare for the ultimate in battery-powered ejection with the Nerf N Strike Vulcan EBF-25. Be ready for any challenge with the NStrike Vulcan EBF25 blaster - a fully automatic nerf dart system. Load the blaster with fresh batteries and release at a rate of up to three nerfs per second. The belt feeds automatically through the blaster, letting the nerf darts propel via the piston-powered internal launching system. Switch to single-shot mode for precision aim. The removable tripod folds for easy transport - or a quick escape. Even your toughest opponent won't know what happened when you unleash the power of the N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 blaster.

Nerf dart systems have revolutionized the way people engage in safe, friendly battles. These systems consist of a variety of blasters that shoot foam darts, encouraging active play while prioritizing safety. From compact single-shot blasters to fully automatic options, there's a Nerf dart system for every play style and skill level.