Polly Pocket Partay Bus

Toy double decker party ride comes with doll elevator and dance game with lights and music

Polly Pocket Partay BusPolly rides in style with her double-decker party bus complete with lounge, games, and dance floor. Polly and her friends have the ultimate party on the go in the ultimate Party Bus. There's so much to do. The bus opens to reveal two levels of fun. Upstairs is a dance floor and lounge area and cool DJ stand that transforms into smoothie bar and cafe. There's also a real working dance game, complete with lights and music that you can move from floor to floor. The luggage rack comes off to become an elevator. Polly and Shani dolls look great with color change make-up and nails.

Polly Pocket has captured the imaginations of children since the early 1990s, largely due to its pocket-sized playsets and miniature dolls. The primary appeal lies in the sheer portability and compact design of Polly Pocket sets, allowing kids to carry an entire world in their pockets or small bags. This encourages imaginative, on-the-go play, whether in the car, at a friend's house, or in the playground. Each set typically features intricate details and hidden compartments, sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration. Moreover, Polly Pocket dolls often come with an array of fashionable clothes and accessories, allowing for creative styling and role-playing. The brand's ability to continuously evolve—adding new themes, characters, and interactive elements—keeps it fresh and engaging for new generations of children.