Chicken Limbo

Electronic limbo party game from Milton Bradley

Chicken LimboDo the limbo with a chicken. Chicken Limbo is a fun electronic party game. Children must move under the limbo bar without bumping into the chicken. Chicken Limbo features a singing chicken that plays a limbo tune and squawks when you touch him.

The game of limbo originated in Trinidad and was popularized as a form of folk dance and social entertainment. It is believed to have roots in African culture and was initially performed at wakes as a way to celebrate life and help souls transition to the afterlife. During the mid-20th century, the game gained international recognition, especially in the United States, partly due to the calypso music craze. Limbo became a popular party game, often associated with beach and tropical settings, where it was played for fun rather than its original spiritual context. Participants bend backwards to pass under a horizontal bar that is lowered after each round, testing flexibility and balance. Over time, limbo has become a staple at various events, from parties and school gatherings to festivals, and has been adapted into various forms, including video games and competitive sports events.