Splashy the Whale

Recover treasures from Splashy's mouth in this game from Pressman

Splashy the WhaleSplashy has many things in his mouth: anchors, fish bones, even a submarine. On your turn, use the fishing rod to try to remove something, but watch out. He willll spray you with water if you touch his tongue, or sometimes just when he feels like it. You will not get any points when that happens. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins. For two or more players, ages five and up.

Whales are often the subject of fascination and wonder for children, capturing their imaginations in a way few other animals can. These magnificent sea creatures are not only enormous in size but also exude a sense of mystery and majesty that can be incredibly appealing to young minds. Many children are captivated by the idea of these gentle giants swimming through the vast oceans, singing their haunting songs, and displaying intelligent behaviors like teamwork and communication. Whether children encounter whales through books, documentaries, or even lucky enough to see them in their natural habitat, the experience often leaves a lasting impression. Whales also feature prominently in folklore and children's literature, further deepening their allure. For many kids, whales symbolize adventure, exploration, and the limitless possibilities of the natural world.