Twister Hopscotch

Customizable Twister layout with durable rings that fit together on a non-slip surface

Twister HopscotchTwister Hopscotch is a new form of hop scotch. You can hop in a straight line, a diamond, a zig zag, or some other way that you make up. Hop on red; dance on blue. Establish a pattern with rigid rings and hopscotch according to a completely new way. The movable rings let you change your path and customoze your game. A great way to have interactive indoor fun. The party game includes thirteen rings, sixteen ring clips, spinner with arrow and base, carrying case and instructions. It comes with a gripping surface.

The game of hopscotch has ancient origins, tracing back over two millennia. It's believed to have been invented by Roman soldiers, who played the game in a more strenuous form to train both their strength and agility. The soldiers would carve the court into the ground, stretching over 100 feet, and hop it in full armor. The game would later evolve into a children's activity, spread across various cultures, and take on numerous variations. In Britain, where it was popularized, it was known as "scotch-hop" or "scotch-hoppers" because players would "hop" over "scotches," lines scratched into the soil. Today, hopscotch is enjoyed worldwide by children who draw chalk courts on pavement and use stones or other small objects as markers. The game's simple rules and minimal equipment have made it a universally accessible and enduring form of outdoor recreation.