PixOs Ultimate Design Station

Complete art activity center lets you design and build 2D and 3D creations

PixOs Ultimate Design StationMake a bike, choosing your color from the fun funnel. Use sticks, and dry your creation. Make 2D and 3D creations that incorporate a moving wheel or hinge. Design studio comes with five hundred Pixos, one 2D design tray, one 3D design tray with four 3D shapes, and double-sided templates. Also comes with instruction booklets.

The PixOs Ultimate Design Station taps into a child's inherent desire to create and build, offering an engaging platform for both 2D and 3D artistic projects. The station provides various templates, colors, and tools that allow children to turn small beads into intricate designs. By spraying water, these designs become permanent, giving kids a tangible product of their creativity. The 3D aspect takes this a step further, encouraging spatial reasoning and complex planning as youngsters construct multi-layered creations. This fusion of art and engineering serves as an excellent educational tool, honing fine motor skills, boosting creative thinking, and providing a satisfying, hands-on experience that children find endlessly entertaining.