Pixter 2

Pixter 2 the Latest and Best in the Pixter Line

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Pixter 2.0 is just like the original Pixter but with even more cool features. It includes a wireless link to other Pixter 2s. Digital drawing tools let kids create a picture or compose a message and the wireless infrared technology lets them send it to their friends. It's just as easy to receive pictures and messages, too. The touch sensitive LCD screen and drawing stylus encourage endless creativity and imagination. Kids can draw pictures, paint them with a touch of a button, add special effects and digital stamps, erase a lot or a little, create funny faces, connect-the-dots, even save their favorite creations. All with fun sound effects and music. It's compatible with all Pixter software. Pixter is a hand-held, electronic toy that puts the power of digital creativity in the palms of kids' hands.