Pixter Multimedia

TFT touch screen and ergonomic controls for portable gaming and video display

Pixter MultimediaHandheld, powerful creative system with more than a hundred tools, games. and activities. Streaming video capabilities. Create your own shows with cartoon creator, video creator, and scene creator software. Large TFT screen plus video and flash player. Works with all past Pixter cartridges. Brand new design includes a multi-directional D-pad and ergonomic shape. Now kids can expand their creative minds with streaming video capabilities. Watch a video on the high-performance TFT touch screen. Video software exclusively for use with the multimedia system the 2005 Pixter delivers even more popular features - video player and gaming. Play your favorite games and watch your favorite shows on Pixter, while still being able to use all of your favorite Pixter creativity features that you love - stampers, screen starters, and free draw.