Plate Painting Kit

Two Glass Plates for You to Paint by Creativity for Kids

Plate Painting KitExpress your personal style. Learn the Unique technique of reverse glass painting using 2 plates as your canvas. You paint your designs on the back in reverse - foreground first, background last. Then turn them over to enjoy your masterpieces from the front. You can paint a plate of food, a self-portrait, an abstract design or anything you like. These plates make distinguished decorative items, plus you can eat off them! Create your own decorative plates with this simple and easy-to-use craft kit. The kit consists of two glass plates, measuring 8 inches and 6 inches, a set of nontoxic acrylic glaze paints in eight different colors, a fine-point paintbrush, and a brief, illustrated instruction booklet. The booklet shows how to mix paints to create new colors and offers suggestions for creating a design. Once you've come up with a design, you simply paint it on the back of the plate using the reverse glass painting technique explained in the booklet, and then allow the paint to cure for six days (or for 30 minutes in the oven) to make it permanent. Your one-of-a-kind decorative plate is great for display, and you can eat off it too, though you'll need to wash it by hand since it isn't dishwasher-safe.

A plate painting art kit adds a layer of functional creativity to the usual arts and crafts experience. Not only do children get to explore their artistic talents by mixing colors and experimenting with design, but they also end up with a tangible, useful product—a plate that can be displayed or even used during meals. The act of painting a plate combines artistic expression with a sense of accomplishment, as children see their artwork transition from just an idea to a functional piece of art. The finished product also serves as a lasting keepsake, capturing a moment of creativity and skill development.